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Corporate Travel's Big Squeeze - how to keep costs down and travellers happy

How to achieve balance in your travel management program

Travel procurement managers face a number of challenges: traditionally, travel budgets can be seen as a drain on the bottom line and it can be hard to quantify the return on investment, while business travellers are increasingly expecting a more personalised experience. 

The end result is that travel procurement is being squeezed from both ends: travellers want more flexibility and choice in order to be happier, more productive workers on the road; companies want more bang for their buck - to get more out of their travel program for the same or less cost.

The good news is there are ways, driven by technology, to keep travel costs down without needing to reduce the quantity or quality of travel. 

Finding the balance between cost control and traveller satisfaction could be the holy grail of corporate travel management. So how can a travel management program keep everyone happy, including the travel procurement manager?  We look at the ways you can achieve travel management harmony in this Amadeus discussion paper.


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